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Below you will find a catalog of all cards we graded that are a part of the Pokemon collection. They are alphabetically listed. You will find images of the card with a description and catalog number assigned at grading. 

Blastoise Holo:

#000101520225 GRADE: 9

Charizard Holo:

#000101520226 GRADE: 9

Cheren's Care:

#000520229  GRADE: GEM 10

Here Comes Team Rocket:

#00042820226  GRADE: GEM 10

Mewtwo & Mew GX:

#00090120222  GRADE: GEM 9

Mustard Rapid Strike Style:

#000520202210  GRADE: GEM 10

Raichu GX:

#00090120221  GRADE: GEM 10

#000111620227 GRADE: 5.5

Rayquaza V:

#00033120222  GRADE: GEM 10

Venusaur Holo:

#000101520224  GRADE: 9