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Pinpoint Grading Processes, Pricing and Submissions... 

Card Grading Process...

Pinpoint Grading, a service provided by CMB Collectibles, uses a 4 point, precise method to grade each card.  

We currently only grade sports cards ( and some gaming cards such as Pokemon) that have the measurements of 2.5in x 3.5in and smaller. We currently do not offer grading services for over sized cards, comics, magazines, ect.  

We do not authenticate autographs of any kind including those on a sports card.  We do however grade cards that have certified autographs on them and those autographs that were authenticated by the company producing them, such as Topps or Panini as two examples. These cards have certifications usually noted on the back of the card. 

Each card we grade has a max potential grade of a GEM MINT 10.  This score can be given when:

Surface = 2.5

Borders = 2.5

Edges = 2.5 

Corners = 2.5

Each card is assigned a specific catalog number unique to that specific card and assigned during the grading process.  Each card is cataloged here on our website. 


We make our card grading pricing simple and each card graded includes the overall grade AND the 4 "sub grades" broken down as noted above. We do no charge extra for sub grading.  You can view images of the cards we have graded on how your card will look when you receive it back from us by clicking on the catalog links above. 

Option 1:  Single card submission and up to 4 cards = $19.99 each.

Option 2:   5 or more cards submitted = $14.99 each. No max. 

Submissions and Process:

-Each submission must include our submission form that you can download here: 

-You are responsible for shipping your card to us, the cost associated with this, and we recommend you use a method that has insurance and tracking. 

-We do NOT charge you for grading your cards ahead of time.  We only charge you a flat shipping rate up front once we receive your cards and they arrive here safely.  We do this just incase your shipment was lost or damaged when sending them to us and you decide you want them sent back to you without grading them. We require you provide us with your credit card information on the form to cover the return shipping fee of $15.00.  This fee will cover quite a few graded, slabbed cards with insurance through USPS. If your submission requires a higher rate to ship the cards back to you than what is quoted we will contact you ahead of time and charge your chosen method of payment accordingly. 

- Once we receive your cards and order request/info/submission form, we will assign an order number and email you a confirmation of receipt of your items.  Our turn around time to get them in the mail and headed back to you is 10 business days, or two weeks.  Any shipping delays we can not control.  We will email you when your cards are dropped off and shipped back and provide you with a tracking number.  

- We require a credit card for payment of grading services.  We will charge this card and send you a receipt via email 48 hours before we ship the cards back and once they have been graded. You will be able to see the card and its grade online and in our catalog as it will be listed here the day we drop off your cards for shipment back to you. You will see a total of 2 credit card charges from CMB Collectible, one for the shipping charges when we receive your order, and the second one for the grading fee's just before they are shipped back. 

- All of your cards are covered by our business insurance while in our location.   They are not covered once mailed back.