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Respect the card, respect the player, live the hobby! 

Below you will find a catalog of all cards we graded that had certified autographs prior to the grading.  Choose your sport first as they are alphabetically listed, then choose the player by last name, first name (also alphabetical).  You will find images of the card with a description and catalog number assigned at grading. 

Baseball Autographs

Huff, Sam

#000121202211   GRADE: GEM 10

Jeter, Derek with Pettitt, Andy

Dual Auto. Back Side Image Below:

#00011420221   GRADE: 5 AUTO: 10

Leon, Pedro

#00011920225  GRADE:  GEM 10

Perez, Hedbert

#00011920222  GRADE: 9

Veen, Zac

#00011929221   GRADE: GEM 10

Williams, Mitch

#00121120215 GRADE: 9.5 Autograph Witnessed

Basketball Autographs

Chalmers, Mario

#00121020211  GRADE 9


Holt, Terry

#00012720221  GRADE: 8

Randle, John

#00120920213 GRADE 5.5

Nascar & Racing (All)

Labonte, Terry

#00011320222  GRADE:  9 (Package with Metal Auto Below). 

McLaughlin, Mike

#00121120216  GRADE: 5